Monday, June 4, 2007

No Civility for the Heroic Abortionist [Jay]

This piece by abortionist William Harrison at Daily Kos (which I found through JivinJehoshaphat) upsets me so much, that I am dropping my normal habit of seriously addressing points. I am lowering myself to the level of undisguised contempt for this celebration of abortion and bad arguments in favor of performing abortions. The plagiarism of Isaiah 6:8, where the prophet Isaiah is commissioned by God to go tell the people of Israel about God’s judgment upon them, is especially troubling to me. Here it is:

Was that the morality that I wanted to demonstrate to my children? To parade in front of my wife, my family and friends?

Not me, coach!

Why do I provide abortions?

Here is the short answer.

Like multitudes before me and, I trust, multitudes to come, I eventually heard (Try as I might to avoid hearing it!) in that mother's grief-filled declaration, "Oh God, Doctor, I was hoping it was cancer", a still, small voice asking, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?" to which I was at last compelled to reply, "here am I, send me."

This is yet another example of the heroism of abortion I discussed here as well. Here is my admittedly prejudiced and obnoxious summary of Dr. Harrison's entry that you can read in full if you wish:
(Warning: all that follows is Jay's interpretation that Jay considers valid, which given the weight pro-aborts place on what we think about things and the resulting value bestowed based on those feelings, this next piece is valuable)

People are afraid to do the right thing, so our hero, me, screws up his courage and answers God’s call to lay waste to helpless and defenseless innocent human beings who are worse than cancer and a plague upon our poor. Unless of course the mother wants the child, in which case it is a precious cherub. And of course if the baby can somehow manage to survive until it is viable and can be born alive it doesn’t matter what the mom thinks. But until then it is cancer that I have the courage to eradicate.

Furthermore, though I know it is life, heroic people like me and I assert we have no moral obligation to protect that life. Nor do we have any obligation to stop ourselves from brutally and heroically destroying that life, because this is a tough call. And if it is a close call then that thing has to die. Believe me, I understand your pro-life position because I once was pro-life until I wasn’t because this one lady I met REALLY did NOT want to have a baby. That changed my mind forever. That and all of the botched backroom abortions that I treated which convinced me that abortion should be safe and legal. I also went to church a lot growing up. That is why I am aware enough of God’s commissioning Isaiah to steal it, put it in a context that implies that killing unborn children for the sake of all of the women who do not want to give birth is what God made me for, and celebrate my heroism by writing in celebration of myself and this heroic journey. I am William Harrison, abortionist, hero.

That about sums it up. I apologize that I am fresh out of civility on this one.

HT: JivinJehoshaphat

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