Thursday, June 4, 2009

LTI Podcast Episode 13 [Serge]

Life Training Institute Podcast episode 13 is up! Some recent polls suggest that for the first time a majority of Americans consider themselves pro-life. Rich, Scott, and Bob discuss these polls and the implication for the pro-life cause. Rich analyzes an article from the popular magazine "Self" about why women in their twenties are becoming pregnant while single. Hint: it's not because of lack of sex-ed or access to contraception. Lastly, Rich responds to a listener e-mail which questions the ethics of using vaccines derived through cell lines originally obtained by abortions.


  1. There used to be another guy on the podcasts. Why has he been shut out recently? He was awesome!


  2. Thanks for addressing my email on vaccine production on air Rich, I appreciated hearing your perspective.

  3. There is a vicious rumor that the "shut out guy" will soon be making an appearance on the podcast. I can make no further comment at this time :-).

    I hope I did the email justice Chris. Thanks again for the question.

  4. Why did scientists need to use cells from aborted babies (as opposed to cells from a volunteer) to culture viruses?

  5. That's a good question Drew, and I really don't have an answer. I know that many vaccines are made using other cell lines, ie..monkey cell lines. I don't know why they had to use an aborted baby's cell line. Just a guess would be that it may be easier to grow the cell line due to the cell being more easily manipulated since it was from a fetus. But that's just a guess.

  6. I believe you are correct Chris. Human cells need to be used for some viruses because they only infect humans. Fetal lung cells have never functioned and have never been exposed to any environmental stresses. They most likely will be genetically "pure", and thus easier to transform into an immortalized cell line.

  7. Serge,
    Neither I or my wife own a cell phone. So your cell phone/contraception point doesn't work on us. Ha!


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