Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Is the Pro-life View Comparable to Racism? [Serge]

CUSA president Shawn Menard is the gift that keeps on giving. Here he is on radio station 580 CFRA being interviewed about CUCA's attempt to restrict access to pro-life groups. During the interview, he claims to support free debate about abortion on campus, except for groups whose goal is to recriminalize abortion. I guess he thinks its OK to not support the pro-abortion choice view, as long as you act as if you do. Or something.

However, that is not the most outrageous thing that he said. In the last two minutes, the host asked him about the difference between supporting a cause (like same sex marriage) and not providing access or resources for any group who disagrees with that cause. I can't adequately describe Menard's response, but it is pretty self-explanatory on the recording. He's not helping his cause by making himself more accessible.

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