Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Home abortion in Idaho challenges "fetal pain" law [Megan]

A recent LA Times article sheds light on a situation that has Idaho pro-lifers and abortion advocates wrestling with Idaho's "fetal pain" law. Fetal pain laws have been established in at least six states — in Idaho, they shorten the window for legal abortion to 19 weeks.
An Idaho woman had an at-home abortion at 20 weeks using pills she ordered over the Internet from an out-of-state doctor. She was arrested by local police.
Her arrest was actually in light of the 1972 law that stipulates abortions must be performed in a hospital setting.
Abortion advocates argue that the recent laws place too many restrictions on women and are using this as a case-and-point, though the fetal pain law raises flags. According to the article, pro-lifers are tentative because they dislike coming down hard on women who have abortions, preferring to focus on the doctors who perform them.
The details of the case miss the crux of the issue — the humanity and value of the 20-week old fetus, the life of whom was taken because its mother couldn't afford another child.
As an aside from the main issue, the reactions from the community toward the woman are less than Christ-like.
This is a situation where truth and compassion, delivered wisely, would go far.