Friday, December 15, 2006

The False Dilemma Fallacy [Serge] practiced by pro-lifers:

The debate over incremental anti-abortion laws, versus working toward the goal of stopping abortion altogether, is a necessary crisis of conscience for pro-lifers. Its resolution will determine the future of abortion in America.
Not only is this a logical fallacy, it is a particularly sloppy and mean-spirited one. It should be clear that every one who is pro-life is attempting to stop abortion altogether. This issue in not one of goals, but of tactics. The question is: what is the quickest and most effective way to end the evil of abortion?

If the "future of abortion in America" is best addressed by making laws that make abortion illegal without exception as the only acceptable tactic, I believe abortion will continue to be common for a very, very long time. That tactic did not work out very well 2 months ago in one of the most pro-life states (see S. Dakota), so can someone offer an argument that it would work throughout the rest of the country?

In the meantime, claiming that your tactic is the only one that works towards the goal of stopping abortion altogether is simply wrong and an utter misrepresentation or lack of the ability to understand an argument. Our opponents must be loving this.

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