Monday, April 16, 2007

A Very Dumb Defense of Rudy [SK]

From an email sent to NRO:
—Giuliani's absolutely right. Abortion is an issue government should never have got into in the first place. It has destroyed conservatism and allowed leftists like GWB to take over the GOP. While those of us who don't feel it's an appropriate issue for government can tolerate the "social conservatives" in the interests of a broad church it appears the reverse is untrue. Not a problem — in the long run a Giuliani GOP will pick up far more economic conservatives in the civilized bits of the US than it will lose social conservatives in the sticks, who have nowhere else to go. And at least we won't have to put up with GWB's sloppy spending, counterproductive Wilsonian crusades, incompetence and economic and scientific illiteracy.
First, go ahead and try to win without pro-life conservatives. Good luck finding enough country club GOPers to win the day.

Second, when people say the Federal government shouldn't get involved in abortion, I ask: "So you disagree with Roe v. Wade?" Truth is, the government is VERY involved in abortion. One branch of the federal government, the courts, has co-opted the issue from the other two branches--the executive and legislative--hence, denying the people any real voice on the issue. Did Rudy's defenders complain when the Court forced Roe on the electorate? Did they complain when a pro-abortion congress tried to legislate the Freedom of Choice Act in 1993?

Apparently, Rudy and his defenders think it's fine for the government to get involved as long as their side wins.

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  1. On the basis of beliefs and geography, I suppose that I am a "social conservative in the sticks", but I don't feel as though I have nowhere to go. I am actually a little extra interested in this election because it could very well be my first vote for a non-Republican presidential candidate. There's always a write-in (or the Constitution Party).


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