Monday, January 14, 2008

Primary Time in Michigan [Serge]

Here's the count so far. I've received five phone calls from Romney and two from McCain. During the NFL playoff games over the weekend (where I watched Sunday's game at my in-laws without TIVO), it was McCain and Romney again, with Romney having about twice as many commercials. Nothing from any of the other candidates in terms of advertising.

As far me and the Mrs., we are definiately voting in the primary. As for whom, lets just say I don't always listen to political advertisements or always see eye to eye with the prez. We'll see what happens.


  1. It all depends on which Prez you disagree with. You can dispute Bush, but be careful with the LTI boss.

    You might get a pay cut. Or, if you say the right things, a raise. Either way, you won't feel it.

  2. Ha. Scott has already had to deal with my outrageous salary demands. My agent still tells the story about our harsh, bitter negotiations. Many still believe that I must have pictures or something.

  3. Well, if you need pics, I got 'em. All of Scott's ex-mormon wives have come forward.


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