Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Even Trying to Be Nice this Time [Jay]

I started this as a comment on Serge's post and just lost control of myself. This blog post at RH Reality Check is such utter and complete nonsense that it surpasses all reason.

I must admit that I continue to be amazed at what these people are capable of blaming on abstinence only sex education. So you did everything that you were told not to do the first time you engaged in sexual intercourse and the bad things you were warned could happen in fact did happen. The blame for this unfortunate series of events falls squarely on the teaching that if you would have applied to your life you would not have HIV right now? Ok.

Let’s make this very simple and completely leave out ideas of holiness and faith. If you have sex, here are some very real possibilities that are associated with this particular physical act:

1 – The sexual organs are a part of the reproductive mechanism through which mankind procreates. As a result, sex can logically and reasonably be anticipated to lead to pregnancy.

2 – Our naturally present bodily fluids pass from person to person in sex, so anything present in those body fluids (i.e. Bacteria or viruses) will be passed from person to person with the fluids. As a result, sex can logically and reasonably be anticipated to lead to sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

3 – Sexually transmitted diseases are second only to the common cold as the most common form of infection in the United States.

4 – After a close and thorough reading of the Center for Disease Controls report on sexually transmitted diseases, the majority of people who are infected with some of the most easily transmitted STD’s are not aware they are infected.

5 – The same report seems to indicate that the current rise in infection rates in younger people is due to a rise in sexual activity among that demographic.

6 – Condoms when used correctly 100% of the time can reduce the risk of pregnancy dramatically, reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS by 85%, and then reduces the transmission rate of other STD’s dramatically less (HPV for example)

It is common sense time. Sex is the leading cause of pregnancy. Sex is the leading transmission method for sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Condoms cannot prevent the transmission of any STD with 100% effectiveness. The majority of people infected by STD’s are not aware they are infected and so cannot modify their behavior appropriately or receive treatment. In fact, if the transmission methods given by the CDC were correct then the only way to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease is to abstain from sex outside of a committed monogamous relationship with a person that is also not infected. This appears uncontroversial and obvious.

And if you get infected with any STD, you can blame me now for being so idiotic and silly as to tell you the truth. After all, you really think I am stupid for thinking you can control yourself. Combine your low opinion of me with the fact that you really really really want to have sex and of course it is my fault. After all who needs facts and logic when MTV and Planned Parenthood will feed your fantasy of consequences free sex?

Here I will help you out the way you want. You are an animal and you cannot control your sexual urges. But don’t worry because everyone you know is already infected with STD’s as well and if you get pregnant you can just abort the child. And there are these magical things called condoms that have a failure rate that is acceptable if you use them 100% of the time. You can buy them anywhere and they actually have commercials on the radio, but I understand why you may not be aware of them. They do not always work and they are less effective with certain STD’s, but knowledge is power and having sex with only a 40% chance of contracting the infection of your “partner” is better than no sex at all.

Ah yes! That is a much better lesson. I can sense the pregnancy rates and STD infection rates plummeting as we speak.

Someone call Merck and ask them to get a vaccine ready for stupidity. I am pretty sure that will work much better at decreasing the impact of STD's than Gardasil at this point.

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