Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Abortion for Sex Selection? No Problem [Serge]

In his excellent book Common Ground Without Compromise, Steve Wagner suggests that we ask whether sex selection abortions are acceptable. It seems the vast majority of pro-abortion choicers, when confronted with this question, feel quite uncomfortable with abortion for that reason. Although commonplace in India and China, sex selection abortions do occur here. According to a new study in Contraception, they may become more commonplace.

This study attempted to see how a medical school internship focusing on abortion would effect the attitude of the students in providing abortion. I was very surprised that 48.4% of the students who choose to take this internship stated they would provide abortion services for a woman who sought one for no other reason than fetal sex determination. After the indoctrination internship, this number climbed to 59.4%. Wow. 60% of medical students who are preparing to provide abortions would do so even if the woman seeking one merely wanted a boy and conceived a girl.

The study sought to see what the impact of an internship on abortion would have on the students. Clearly, the continued journey to remove any functioning conscience has begun.

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