Friday, January 23, 2009

Is Hope Enough? [SK]

I'm amazed at a few friends (who I know to be more pro-life than not) and their unqualified praise for President Obama. They laud him for the "hope" he allegedly brings to the human family, but ignore completely his refusal to answer the fundamental question of WHO belongs to that family in the first place. That is, does that family include embryos and fetuses?

Indeed, hasn't the man already told us that precise question is "above his pay grade?" Nevertheless, he has no problem using our tax dollars to kill those same entities he's not sure are subjects with rights or something else.

That's what's wrong with liberalism. While it pretends not to preach, it quietly decides who lives and dies.



  1. By "more pro-life than not" do you mean that the individual friends are, as individuals, merely somewhat pro-life, or do you mean that the group as a group has more pro-lifers in it than pro-choicers?

    In any event, great line. I think I'll blog it myself, with hat tip: "While it pretends not to preach, it quietly decides who lives and dies."

  2. Hi Lydia,
    Good question. I mean the former. Thanks for the kind remarks. I enjoy your stuff over at whatswrongwiththeworldnet.

  3. Your last two sentences here are exactly what I've been trying to say for a long, long while. May I use them in my blog?


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