Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another thought... [Megan]

Great blog, Serge. Thanks for shedding light on that issue. I couldn’t help but notice — to draw out the “cognitive dissonance” a bit further — that in this case, the government is advocating the preservation of life based on the level of brain development, while many justify taking the lives of the unborn on the same grounds.


  1. So, the reasoning would go something like this? On the one hand (adolescent murderers), they're not smart enough yet, so let's not kill them. On the other hand (not-yet-fully-developed-humans-in-the-womb), they're not smart enough yet, so let's kill them. Now that's cognitive dissonance if I've ever heard it!

  2. Awesome point Megan - you are exactly correct.

    Kris - miss you bud. Although our lives are very busy - we've got to get in touch soon!


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