Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LTI Podcast #20 - Sex, Lies and Abortion Part 1 [Serge]

Rich, Jay, and Bob discuss a recent article by Dinesh D'Souza regarding pro-life strategy. Should we continue to educate others on the humanity of the unborn, or should we go "back to the drawing board" and speak out about sexual libertinism? How about both? Rich also comments on an article in the medical literature about the emotions that a woman doctor has when performing second trimester abortions.

Dinesh's article can be found here. Dr Harris' article is reproduced here.

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  1. Serge, i think that you should separate the two segments into two podcasts.

    Not only would this make it look like you're accomplishing more, it will make it more likely people will listen to the second segment.

    i think it would also make it easier to relisten to your segments when searching for something specific.


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