Monday, February 15, 2010

How to Defeat a Pro-Abortion Argument [SK]

That's how energetic host Todd Friel titled this 6-minute interview


  1. How tall is Todd Friel? Scott looks like Mugsy Bogues next to him.

  2. Wow Jivin! A Mugsy Bogues reference! Have not heard that name in a while. Nice.

  3. I was thinking Spud Webb, minus the ability to leap tall buildings...

  4. A lot of great info ... until the end where the host says all pro-choicers are evil. My experience is that most pro-choice people just haven't thought about the issue thoroughly or logically.

    Also, I can't imagine calling people "evil" to be effective at converting anyone's beliefs. Frankly, it hurts the pro-life cause.

  5. In defense of Todd, he calls everyone evil, including himself, in light of the doctrine original sin--that is, the belief that all humans inherit a sin nature from Adam and thus deserve God's righteous wrath. In short, he means it in a theological sense as well as a moral one. That's why his show is called "Wretched," a term that applies to us all. Todd, of course, often adds that Christ imputes His righteousness to those who are His, meaning God declares them righteous in view of Christ's sinless perfection not our own.

    That said, I agree that at a tactical level, calling people evil is not the best way to start a discussion or even end one. Better to demonstrate the evil with pictures, facts, and arguments--graciously communicated.


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