Friday, March 26, 2010

The Pro-life Political Podcast #1 and Only [Serge]

LTI is not a political organization and does not endorse any candidate. The regular participates of the LTI podcast - namely Rich, Scott, and Jay - wanted to change gears and explicitly discuss politics - specifically the recently enacted health care reform bill and its impact on the pro-life cause. Thus, the link to the podcast below is not LTI material, meaning the views expressed are individual opinions and are not endorsed by Life Training Institute. Furthermore, LTI spent no money or staff resources producing it.

Scott described this one as a barnburner yesterday and I could not agree more. Enjoy.

Click here for the direct download


  1. Hey guys, the sound quality on this one is really bad. Don't know why...

  2. Sorry Carol - I downloaded the MP3 and it doesn't sound too bad. Scott tends to go a bit in and out but I try to adjust that in my editing.

    Maybe try to redownload it or try a different player. Regardless, thanks for listening, and thanks for letting us know how we sound.


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