Monday, April 5, 2010

Lopez on Boehner as a Pro-Life Politician with Principles [Jay Watts]

Here is a great article on John Boehner (R, Ohio) by Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review Online and the battle to stop the new healthcare law. I was also impressed that the Republicans held the line and however they are cast in hindsight as “obstructionists” it is a feat to hold your coalition together as Boehner did.

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  1. As one who lives in Boehner's district, I CANNOT question his pro-life credentials. I am happy for that. He was also one of the freshmen who challenged the good 'ole boy network (house banking scandal etc. in '92).

    But, like any politician, I think he as been there too long. He and Kennedy created and foisted the Education ("No child left behind ...") monstrosity on us all. He was also leader while the Bush administration ran the deficit into the stratosphere (a feat which has more recently been bested by Obama & Co.)

    So -- with the notable and important exception of his pro-life stance -- I don't want to herald him (or any politician) too loudly. There are plenty of ethical, pro-life folks out there who can serve to change the poisonous status quo in Washington, DC.


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