Monday, November 8, 2010

Important Pro-Life Training Links [Scott]

My advanced pro-life apologetics course for M.A. students (at Biola University) is now on YouTube. The 8 sessions are featured there. Take your pick. The extended notes for the seminar are here.

Bob Perry of the LTI speaking team will be featured on the nationally syndicated "Bible Answer Man" program tomorrow. Listen here.

Rich Poupard of the LTI speaking team was featured on the "Bible Answer Man" program last Thursday discussing Self-Esteem from a Scalpel. Powerful stuff. (Rich is interviewed begining at the 21 minute mark.)

Meanwhile, LTI staffers Jay Watts and Megan Almon continue providing worldview training to students in the Atlanta area.

If you haven't considered supporting our efforts to equip pro-lifers, please do! You can make a real difference by going here.


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  1. Scott, funny you should just now mention these as I just saw them not long ago. I have only followed your work for a few weeks, after I discovered your writings, lectures, debates, etc through a few pro-life blogs. I'd been reading Beckwith, George, and Lee before that and I really appreciate your summary of the substance view of persons and other aspects of the abortion rights debate.

    I started to study pro-life strategy extensively when I had a discussion with a pro-abortion-choice friend who, at one point, literally started to repeat, over and over, "It's my body... it's my body..." Thanks to your articles and tips, I now know how to have a cordial discussion with pro-abortion-choice friends (my initial experience went not so well). Cool stuff. :-)



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