Thursday, December 16, 2010

Re: What Would Jesus Do? [Scott]

It seems Ron did not like my earlier reply about the true peace of Christmas. Here are the main points of his post:

How can we celebrate Peace when we are killing Muslims and occupying their homes?…

You are a follower of Jesus, yet you won't tell me whether Jesus would vote for war as the politicians whom you support do. You don't see the conflict? This is all I want to know. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?…Let me make something clear Scott. I have no need for a "theological peace" that is not evidenced by a real-world Peace represented by people who stand up and loudly to oppose the warmongers….You have already missed one opportunity this morning to speak out against the horror being done this very moment by Americans. You also missed the opportunity to tell me WWJD or for whom he votes. Would Jesus fly a drone into a blind target? Would he kick down the doors of peaceful people and demean them in their own homes? Would Jesus drop 10,000 bombs on a city?…

MY POINT IN ALL THIS Scott, is that while you are quoting from the Bible about Peace, you should be looking at pictures of the families that our War machine is literally blowing apart, and seeking Peace by creating CHANGE…The thing is, if you are a follower of Jesus, then you have to do and say and think like Jesus. I believe that the reason why you won't answer the question: WWJD is because that the moment you do, you will become responsible to it.

What would Jesus do?

The question is, which Jesus is Ron referencing--the one of Scripture or the one of his own making?

Ron tries to pull off a common liberal trick. That is, he asks, "What would Jesus do?" but limits the debate only to his take on the Jesus of the four gospels.

Well, that won't work. Ron fails to recognize (or, admit) that the whole Bible was given to us by God, thus we have no right to limit our views only to those parts of Scripture we like best. Briefly, the same God that walked the earth in the gospels also created the world and set governments up to defend the innocent against evil. That same God inspired the New Testament writers to say that government was to wield the sword and be a terror against evil doers. (Romans 13:3-4). That same God said government was to punish those who do evil. (1 Peter 2: 14).

So, what would Jesus do? Before you answer, check out all of what He says in Scripture, not just the parts you want to quote out of context.

Of course, Ron could reply that Jesus said turn the other cheek in Matthew 5:39. Yes, He said that. But what did he mean? Seen in context, Jesus is not talking to governments whose job it is to restrain evil. Rather, he's talking to individuals, telling them not to take revenge for personal insults. This is not the command God gives to governments who are to "bear the sword" against evil doers.

One more thing. At first, I tried to take Ron seriously, despite his caustic prose, in hopes we could have a reasonable discussion. I do my best (imperfectly) to be gracious to critics. But Ron went way too far almost from the beginning. For him to say—without a shred of evidence—that the U.S. military is deliberately targeting innocent civilians for destruction is a shameful slap in the face to every grieving parent who just lost a son defending freedom. How sad.


  1. Sure, Ron offers no evidence to support his accusations against US troops. But i think we could just ask for the evidence then simply grant Ron's premises, for the sake of argument.

    Would Jesus support the kicking in of innocent people's homes for no good reason? No. If the US is doing this, it's an obvious wrong that should be stopped. Those responsible should be tried for their crimes.

    Would Jesus carpetbomb a city without good reason? No. If the US Is doing this, it's an obvious atrocity that should be stopped. Those responsible should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    Would Jesus intentionally blow innocent families apart? No. If the US is doing this, it's an obvious atrocity that should be stopped. Those responsible should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    I have no desire to defend the US. The US is a disgraceful country that murders innocent human beings to the tune 3000+ everyday through abortion. Those responsible should be tried for crimes against humanity.

    If the US is committing the crimes that Ron suggests, let's have the tribunals and line up the firing squads.

    What would Jesus do? I bet he would ask for the evidence.

  2. I also think Jesus wouldn't make baseless accusations of warcrimes.


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