Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Posts for the New Argument [Jay]

I posted this morning expressing my feelings on the recent arguments in response to Scott's defense of Abby Johnson that has digressed into a rehashing of arguments on incrementalism that were covered pretty well back in 2007. The post was then removed by me because my boss is a good Christian man who encourages the nice side of me and discourages the dog in me that wants to scrap. I did not want to dishonor him. I will say that the people who question Scott Klusendorf's commitment to protecting the unborn and imply that he is in some sense compromised or guilty of the innocent blood of aborted human beings are... well I have nothing productive to say there so let us move on.

Here are two blog posts I wrote in 2007. They cover my position on incrementalism versus absolutism.

Jay on Incremental Legislation

Incrementalism vs... What?

That is my contribution to the discussion, and I am moving on. There are bigger fish to fry in this effort.

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