Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is Pregnancy a Pathology? [Serge]

Soon insurance companies may be required to cover oral contraceptives without charging a copay for women who seek them. The reasoning behind this requirement is that giving a woman artificial hormones to trick her reproductive cycle to believe she is already pregnant is now considered important preventative care.

Medical insurance has always been a way for us to insure that a pathological condition would not impose an undue financial burden on a family. If you receive a diagnosis of cancer, and need to get expensive treatment to treat that pathology, your medical insurance is designed to help alleviate the financial burden. Insurance does this by taking all of the fees that others have paid who have not been diagnosed with a pathology and applying it to those that do. In other words, the healthy insurance carriers help cover the burden for those who get sick.

In terms of OC coverage, there are some important questions to ask. First, what pathology are we treating when we give a woman OCs? Is a woman's body which is functioning perfectly now considered pathological because it is acting a way she doesn't want it to? It seems that the desire to have sex without the possibility of children is a choice, but a healthy woman whose ovaries are working correctly are seen as pathologic?

Second, why should others who have purchased health insurance be responsible for funding the sexual behavior of others? Most drugs require a copay. OCs not only will have to be a covered benefit, but a copay will not be allowed. Why should this be the case.

If a woman wishes to have a choice to take a contraceptive - I have no problem with that choice. I don't understand why I also need to fund her choice.


  1. There are other uses for OC besides preventing pregnancy. Also, even though pregnancy may not be a pathology, it is still very expensive for insurance companies, and preventative care may be a wise financial choice for them? I don't know, just throwing those things out there for consideration.

  2. Pregnancy as pathology is a common theme in pro-abortion rhetoric.

    For example, pro-aborts will claim that "abortion is a guarantor of women's rights". They obviously don't really think about what they're saying.

    Put another way, women need surgery (abortion) to fix a defect (pregnancy). Since women are designed to get pregnant, women must be defective.

  3. Thanks for your comment Eliz. I have no issue with OCs being covered to treat a pathological condition. I also don;t care if an insurance company chooses to cover OCs because they believe it will be cost efficient for them to. I do have an issue with a mandate that places all OCs in a such a privileged place that insurance companies not only must cover them but must do so without copays.

    When my child had asthma I had to pay a copay for his inhaler. Why are OCs more important for the health of a family more than asthma medication?

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