Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Links [Scott]

Wesley J. Smith writes on a huge fail for embryonic stem cell research. Geron has abandoned the field:

Geron Corporation was the big hope for embryonic-stem-cell research. After years of promises, its first-ever human trial using an embryonic-stem-cell-derived product for acute spinal-cord injury made huge headlines internationally. But now, the Washington Post is reporting that Geron has abandoned the field altogether.
This is an atom bomb of a story that will have a serious effect on the entire regenerative medical sector. And it should embarrass the critics of President Bush; the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which bragged about its part in funding a scientist involved in the research; and, perhaps most of all, the fawning media that have acted as press agent for both the field generally, and Geron specifically.

Francis J. Beckwith: Debates over abortion, marriage, and welfare are not, at their roots, political. They are metaphysical--involving questions about philosophical anthropolgy.

Kathryn J. Lopez on why the failure of Personhood in MS is not a defeat.

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