Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Short Story [Scott]

Joe found the young girl unconscious in her upstairs closet. By the time he got there, the structure was a raging inferno. No one else dared go inside. Scooping up the girl, he took his only exit, straight out the second story window and into the bushes below. The girl lived. For his part, Joe sustained three cuts and two sprained ankles—and an avalanche of questions. The media wanted to know how he planned to pay for the girl’s food, clothing, and health care now that he’d rescued her. The evangelical pastor asked if the time spent saving the girl from temporal flames might be better spent saving people from eternal ones. The social justice coordinator of the Catholic parish insisted that if Joe truly cared about saving lives, he’d care about all life and spend equal time rescuing poor workers from corrupt corporations. The local Congressman asked if he supported tax hikes aimed at reducing fire risk. Joe just kept looking at the girl.


  1. Great post. It's the exact stupidity pro-lifers have to put up with on a daily basis.

  2. This is scandalous.

    I am a Catholic, and these Catholics you describe are right out of line. They are what we call 'dissenters', whilst claiming to be faithful. They bring shame on the Church.

    These Catholics you talk about are clearly followers of what we call 'Liberation Theology' which is CONDEMNED by the Catholic Church.

    These Catholics are the same as your Liberal Protestants who are pro-gay, etc.. However, I wonder whether you'd have used the story if they'd been Episcopalians? Probably not as it would be too close to home.

    If you take the example you use and extrapolate in the way you have, should I call you all 'Protestants' and point to 'your' Lesbian Bishops 'you' have in 'your' Church? They might be Episcopalians, but in this example, you're all just 'Protestants' who are 'all the same'.

    The difference is, because we have a Catechism and there is one Truth, and so these Catholics are WRONG, and it's not just my opinion.


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