Friday, November 30, 2007

Planned Parenthood makes us proud again [Jay]

A woman identified as Jane Doe in the court documents has sued a Planned Parenthood in Nebraska. Her uterus was perforated during an abortion and as a result she had to undergo a hysterectomy. She claims that she told the medical professionals during the procedure that something was wrong and that she was in pain and they did not stop the procedure.

Here is the Planned Parenthood defense as articulated by their lawyer, James Snowden. This woman was warned that a perforated uterus was a risk in abortion. She squirmed and the nurses told her that if she did not stop this would happen. This was not her first abortion. You can not stop a procedure once you have started it just because the patient is in terrible pain because you perforated her uterus.

Let me get this straight. Medical and surgical procedures hinge on whether or not everyone who gets one is capable of staying perfectly still of their own accord during the procedure. If a woman seems unusually jumpy and afraid, the Planned Parenthood response is to go ahead and stick sharp object in her uterus. Heck if she moves and has to get a hysterectomy as a result, we warned her. This is not Jane Doe’s first rodeo, folks. It is not like she is Snow White. She is very familiar with abortions. (Wink, wink)

My barber used to warn me that if I fidgeted too much he was going to cut my ear off. I guess Mr. Snowden thinks that cleared him of any responsibility if he had actually severed my ear from my head. After all, I had been to the barber before.

Planned Parenthood ladies and gentleman!! Get those end of year checks ready people!! Our tax dollars at work!!

HT: Jivin Jehoshaphat


  1. I'm not surprised. With them it's all about the money.

  2. Yeah, they as much as admitted guilt on this one. "She was nervous and in pain and couldn't lie still, so instead of giving her adequate pain management we warned her that she'd better stop squirming or we'd rip her uterus to shreds and she'd end up with a hysterectomy."

    Blame the victim. Standard operating procedure for defending rapists and abortionists.


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