Tuesday, December 25, 2007

From an Adoring Fan [SK]

An email:

Merry Christmas you compromising, incrementalist, legal positivist, Mormon-loving, pro-evil partial birth abortion ban supporter, Judy Brown-Hating, heretic-hugging, anathema-embracing, moral relativist, blight to the pro-life movement, and nut case from California.
She forgot to include that I'm also a Dodger fan. And yes, she's kidding about me hating Judy Brown.


  1. ... but she did say "Merry Christmas." No irony or inconsistency there!

    Amazing ...


  2. She was kidding all the way through. I started the whole things by calling her brothers "right wing religious-extremists fundamentalists."

    I thought she outdid me with the pile-ons.

  3. Now I get it. Though I know you've received from pretty nasty stuff, I was amazed someone would actually do so for Christmas!

    Gullible me ... a little slow on the uptake :-)

    Even when I thought it was real, I had to chuckle because it was so over-the-top.

  4. ...What a cracker jack… What did all those Dodger games do to you?!
    ...Oh, and my right-wing, religious extremist, fundamentalist brothers were all for me zinging you back, you know – they even contributed to the ‘pile-on's.

  5. That is the fundamentalist brothers for you. Always using their best material on the wrong targets. ;-)

  6. Lol.
    ...okay, I admit: I guess we all did go a little over the top. (I'm glad you took it so well, though. It's nice that it got a few laughs, and everyone else took it appropriately ).

    It is good to be back in touch with you, Scott. I hope that you and your family are healthy and doing well.



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