Friday, December 28, 2007

You like Bush but Not Romney? [SK]

Ramesh Ponnuru:

Deal Hudson can't understand why Romney considers it "acceptable" to use embryos from fertility clinics in stem cell research. It is important to remember that Romney's position is exactly the same as President Bush's. He would ban stem-cell research involving human cloning and would refuse to fund, but allow, research on fertility-clinic embryos. I haven't heard any presidential candidate call for a ban on all embryo-destructive research, which would (unfortunately) be impossible to achieve in the current political environment. Romney stresses that he would allow privately-funded research on fertility-clinic embryos to continue, but his position is exactly what the pro-life movement has asked. It is the same position that Thompson and (I believe) Huckabee take, and to the right of the position that McCain and Giuliani take. But the way Romney talks about it creates needless confusion.

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  1. Hey scott! , Can i ask where you stand on presidential candidate Mike Huckabee? I mean im not American, Northern Irish actually, but im Mr write wing republican!:) Mike seems to be the guy for the job? Should the American people vote for him in your opinion?

    Jesus bless your good work man

    Stephen Brown
    25 from Northern ireland


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