Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Republican that Inspires Pride [SK]

Great news last night!

My friend Dr. Andy Harris, a state senator from Maryland, has defeated incumbent GOP Congressman (and very liberal) Wayne Gilchrest in the primary election for the 1st Congressional district. Andy won 44% to 32%. Three years ago, Andy invited me to speak to the pro-life members of the Maryland House of Delegates. That same year, Andy's wife Cookie set me up to speak in selected Catholic schools in Annapolis and Baltimore.

Congratulations, Andy!

More good news...I just got May 20th tickets to this show!


  1. It's so great, now we can say we knew him when.....I am sure he'll do a great job for all in his district. So glad you came to Maryland at thier request Scott.That's when you got to meet me and my family . Remember? Way to go Andy! Lori Vance

  2. NR featured Harris in its February 11th issue (p.22). I had never hear of him but the piece was VERY flattering. It did mention that a third candidate threatened to split the vote and allow Gilchrist to keep the seat. Glad to see that didn't happen.

    Quite an encouraging win or conservatives in general and the pro-life movement specifically!


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