Thursday, February 7, 2008

Romney, McCain, and Abortion for 25 Years [SK]

I'm stuck in the Denver airport and CNN has a news flash.

Romney is out. John McCain will be the GOP nominee. Now what?

Some conservatives have reportedly formed a suicide voters pact, meaning they'll vote for Hillary just to punish McCain.

This position is stupid. It's also immoral.

It puts one's emotions ("I hate McCain") above our moral obligation to save as many lives as possible given current political realities.

I realize that some conservatives feel we must purify the party with an electoral loss. Sure, losing an election tends to do that. But at what cost? That is to say, what, exactly, do these purists think a reconstituted and purified GOP will reasonably accomplish in future election cycles? Are the purists prepared to wait 25 years to undo the damage done by Hillary or Obama court appointees? Do purists really think a future GOP Congress will just march right in and undo a federal health care plan that includes universal abortion coverage and destructive embryo research?

For me, I vote to limit the damage. Greg Koukl is right: A second-class fireman is better than a first class arsonist.


  1. Amen, Scott. We may be better off with McCain winning, because it's looking like he is the only candidate with a chance of beating Clinton in the general election. I don't know a lot about his other views, but he does have a great voting record on abortion, and Brownback says he'll put up the right judges to SCOTUS. McCain has even changed his talking points on embryonic stem cell research since his meetings with Brownback. I also know he's strong on the war, so even if he does have more liberal policies in other matters, I can't understand some conservatives NOT voting for him! This is absolutely the worst possible time to "make a point" to the GOP by not voting, with the amount of older, liberal SCOTUS judges, and a growing socialist and/or ignorant faction wanting to start national healthcare.

  2. I am not so certain McCain is strong against Hillary anyway. McCain is largely winning the Republican nod by dominating states that are likely to go to Hillary/Obama in the general election. Without the southern states he is sunk and even if he gets them then we are down to Ohio, Florida, & New Jersey beiing critical again.

    Now as for voting for Hillary to send a message to the party. That is childish. I do understand those who feel convicted to not vote at all, but to intentionally take part in sabotaging a Republican candidate, especially if that candidate would otherwise have won with your support, is creating an environment more dangerous to the unborn on purpose. That seems an oddly Machiavellian route.


  3. Hearty amen. Enough with the disdain for McCain.


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