Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain-Palin on "Stem Cell Research" [Serge]

OK, I'll admit that I am quite confused about this radio ad:

Hmmm. Palin has stated numerous times that she is against embryonic stem cell research, and McCain seemed to soften his stance during the Rick Warren symposium. I hope that the campaign is intentionally using the term "stem cell research" to advocate all types of SCR that does not involve the killing of human embryos. It seems that the examples that are given are consistent with the recent advances in adult stem cells. Any thoughts?


  1. Until I hear the term "adult stem cell research", I will be on guard. It's far too easy to blur the lines between ESCR and other methods.

  2. According to a McCain spokesman the ad did intentionally use the term "stem cell research" in order to refer to all forms of stem cell research, embryonic and adult, etc.

    Also, the "change is coming" theme could be a reference to McCain's opposition to Bush regarding ESC research funding and his desire to "change" the current policy by expanding ESCR funding which he voted to do twice in Congress.


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