Sunday, September 14, 2008

Re: McCain Radio Spot on Stems [SK]

Yes, the ad is unclear on the face of it. But McCain's position is no mystery: He supports using tax dollars to destroy "leftover" embryos (those embryos released by their parents for destructive research), but opposes cloning them for medical research. I haven't detected from him any substantial change in his views, though maybe I've missed something.

His position is indefensible. Like I've said before, McCain will disappoint us on some levels, this being one of them. Yet given the alternative,I'm not about to jump ship. Even greater evils await us should he lose.

They just called for my gate. I'll try to check more on this when I get home.

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  1. An official McCain campaign spokesman spoke to The Hill and explicitly told them that McCain's support for ESCR has not changed and that the ad was intended to refer to "all forms" of stem-cell research, including embryonic.

    I guess he just wanted to be sure all those ESCR supporters out there were in no doubt of where he stands.


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