Friday, March 20, 2009

No Teleprompter for the Brain [Serge]

With a HT to Hotair, I'm sure glad that we elected the phenomenal thinker, scholar, and public speaker extraordinaire Obama:

and not the ticket with the silly, countrified, gun-totin governor of Alaska:

I'm beginning to agree with Frank J here: forget about the state of the economy or the ability to understand the slight bit of moral reasoning. I'm beginning to wonder whether we can survive the next 4 years without Obama burning down the White House. He won't have his teleprompter when he makes a late night snack, after all.


  1. That is classic, Serge. As is your take on the whole thing. And the line about the tellaprompter and late-night snack was stellar!

  2. Serge,

    What else is new?

    Well done, as usual!


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