Thursday, March 19, 2009

LTI Podcast Episode 7 [Serge]

Episode 7 is up! In this podcast Scott and Rich discuss Scott's new book "The Case for Life". Rich also answers feedback regarding evidence from animal studies on the mechanism of oral contraception. As always, you can download the podcast directly at or subscribe using Itunes at


  1. I like what was said about the need for more full time pro-lifers. For many years I have found it frustrating that there are not more pro-lifers that educate full time. There should be countless full time pro-lifers that are effectively educating about the pro-life view.

  2. In Episode 8, you discuss how pro-aborts accuse pro-lifers of hate-speech. Of course, such accusations are nonsense at the rational level but pro-aborts are not thinking at the rational level. They really believe that pro-lifers are misogynist. They really believe that pro-lifers only want to trample on the rights of women. The bit about saving babies is nothing but a ploy that evil conservatives use to put women back in their place. See, anti-abortion is hate-based!

    Pro-aborts are sincere. They sincerely believe that pro-lifers are insincere. After all, how can anyone believe that a "fertilized egg" is a human being? So, pro-lifers must be insincere.

    Pro-aborts are so blinded by ideology that they refuse to recognize the facts or make rational argument. Why make rational argument when your own view to so self-evidently correct? Sure, they're self-deluded but at least they're sincere.


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