Thursday, May 7, 2009

LTI Podcast Episode 11 [Serge]

After some technical delays, The Life Training Institute Podcast episode 11 is now available. In this podcast, Rich and Scott discuss one of the more challenging questions asked of pro-lifers: if Roe V Wade is overturned, what should the punishment be for those who have abortions? Rich also reveals more evidence from the pro-abortion choice literature that emergency contraception is not effective in decreasing unplanned pregnancies or abortions.

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  1. The question "how would you punish women who have illegal abortions" is a pro-abortion attempt to change the subject. Pro-aborts want to hide behind the emotional issue of "women in jail" rather than the heart of the issue: the unjust killing of our fellow human beings.

    When someone asks me "how would you punish women who have illegal abortions", i answer this way:

    Because killing your baby before birth is morally no different than killing your baby after birth, the punishments should be the same.

    This answer doesn't allow the pro-abort to change the subject. It puts the focus right where it belongs: Is killing the unborn the same as killing the born? The pro-abort can't quibble over punishments until she answers that key question.

    This response also takes into account the issues that Mr. Klusendorf mentions about how punishments for crimes always depend on motive and mitigating circumstances.

  2. Do you have any links to the studies on contraceptive use discussed in this episode?


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