Thursday, June 18, 2009

That's "Dr. Serge, Master Apologist, Sir" to you! [Serge]

At least that's how I would like Senator Boxer to address me if I'm in the unfortunate position to be in her presence. Of course, I would not be so rude to interrupt her in mid-sentence to tell her this, as she did with a brigadier general yesterday:


  1. When your ego is attached to your title...

  2. Hey( Dr. )Serge!
    My experience with her has been that she has got quite the ego. So I really was not shocked at all by this disgraceful display. She once ejected my handicapped daughter from the Senate Gallery saying that she knew what was best for MY child, and it was not appropriate and very "exploitive to have such a child in the gallery at this time." You can see some of the backlash it caused then in the article I have linked here.
    Sorry to see that time has not softened her over inflated idea of herself. Opps, was that inflammatory? Best, LV

  3. She apparently doesn't understand that military officers work hard to get their titles too, but military convention is to call a superior "sir" or "ma'am", and he was treating her the way a military officer treats a superior.

  4. Jeremy,
    You are correct ... but there is another element to this. The General was using a term that military personnel use when referring to a superior -- which Senator Boxer obviously is NOT. Unless, of course, we judge her "superiority" in terms of hubris or arrogance.

    Personally, I think he should have just called her "Babs" from that moment forward.

    Just my opinion. :-)

  5. Actually, senators are considered superiors to military officers. We have an official order of precedence that determines who sits where at official functions. Even a five-star general (of which there are none right now) would be only 55th in the order of precedence. U.S. Senators are 25th. This doesn't determine anything except ceremonial protocol, but that's exactly what's supposed to govern this sort of thing.


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