Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trevin Wax Interviews Scott Klusendorf [SK]

The interview is here. Topics include the current state of the abortion debate, recent polling data, the death of Dr. George Tiller, and my book The Case for Life.


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  2. Hi Scott,

    Over at Trevin Wax's blog, you accused me of misrepresenting you. Since we can't determine how you've been misinterpreted, perhaps you can you come back over there and explain what you mean. I'm concerned that otherwise it might look to readers that I've called your bluff, and you'll continue to be misrepresented, if indeed you were.


  3. Janice,

    I checked out the comment thread and discussion. It looks like Scott answered questions and a couple of other commenters joined in. Scott expressed that he was done and that you would have the last word. I am not clear on what it is that you feel like "we" have not settled.

    I know that some people believe if they can manage to say one last thing or leave one last comment that they have gained some victory in the world of anonymous commenters. Maybe you should just accept the fact that your point was not interesting enough to keep parsing through and Scott moved on.

    You should try it.


  4. In order to help people not waste time on further fruitless arguing I am closing this comment thread. Scott can discuss this at Trevin Wax's blog if he wishes and people can fully follow that discussion over there.

    My only interest in this discussion was in pointing out that it looked done to me and to demonstrate that point it is done here.