Thursday, May 13, 2010

Laura Bush thinks Abortion "Needs to be Legal" [Jay Watts]

Laura Bush admitted to being effectively pro-gay marriage and pro-choice on Larry King Live this Tuesday. Being a normal human being who does not watch Larry King, and the ratings prove I am in the overwhelming majority on that, I completely missed this. I also generally don't sit around and worry about what First Ladies think about things. That said, I lost a lot of respect for Mrs. Bush today.

I told my wife, “Laura Bush is pro-choice.” After we listened to the interview my wife responded, “I wouldn't say she is pro-choice. She just sounds ignorant.” Given her hazy explanation of why abortion "needs to be legal" I get my wife's point.


  1. is a brand new anti abortion documentary that we are trying to get the word out about. They were pulled from a Albany NY theater due to threats from Pro Choice followers.

    Please help spread the word if you will.

  2. I still give her props for standing by her man. She kept silent about her views for many years to support her husband. That's gotta count for something.


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