Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Student responses following worldview class [Megan]

            I wanted to share a few of the students’ end-of-the-year comments from the Christian Worldview class Jay Watts and I taught this semester. I’ll let them speak for themselves:

 “I liked learning how to defend Christianity, learning how it’s true.”

“I learned that Christianity is more than just ‘because the Bible says.’ It matches up perfectly (with reality). And now I can back stuff up.”

“You have faith, but can back a lot of things up with fact. It’s not just a relationship.”

“I feel like I have more tools in my belt. I can talk with others and see what they believe, and talk about what I believe.”

“I’m excited to go to college. I won’t just sit there when others ask my about my beliefs. I can talk intelligently and give an answer.”

            The students were asked to share something they’d learned this semester that impacted their thinking about Christianity. The following are a few of those responses:

 “Truth excludes.”

“God isn’t an old guy with a beard.”

“The Trinity is complex.”

“God is immutable.”

“God reveals himself in general and specific ways.”

“Thinking about God is endless.”

“We know about God because he wants us to know about him. It’s all because of him.”

“God knows everything that’s happened, and all the possibilities of what could happen.”

            Jay and I wrapped up the semester with an oral exam — after all, these young people need to be able to articulate this stuff. Their reactions to Jay’s questions and “objections” were completely different than they were last September when he challenged their beliefs on the first day of class to give them a taste of what they’d be learning. Instead of being flabbergasted into silence, they were asking questions, picking out fallacies, and responding with intelligent arguments. By no means were they able to pick out all of the fallacies and come up with all of the (big) words to respond, but they were able to make a stand and hold their own, and even help one another out from time to time.

            They have truly grown into thinking Christians

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