Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Re: The Problem with Left-Wing Evangelicals [Scott K]

In response a video clip featuring left-wing evangelicals listing their top moral issues (not one mentioned abortion), Jo Jo Ruba posted this reply on my Facebook page:

Here's another take Scott: The problem with the left, even the Christian left, is that they confuse the problem with the solutions.

Of course we should care about the poor, clean water and the rights of others around the world. But it is not the national government that can solve those problems - the best solution still lies in education, a change in values and a change in day to day priorities by individual citizens. For example, the US Government can't ban poverty or stop the sex trade of young girls in Thailand. That is the job of local citizens or the gov't of Thailand!

However, the US gov't CAN ban the killing of unborn children within its own borders - that is why pro-lifers have always sought a moral and political solution to that problem. Unlike poverty or environmental degradation, no one is proposing legalizing those evil acts. Everyone is already in support of helping the poor or putting an end to child slavery.

In contrast, with abortion a whole industry has been created to defend the legal killing of unborn children in your country and mine.

It is the government's responsibility to protect the innocent. That goes all the way back to ancient civilizations, including the Jewish one as indicated in the OT. Even Martin Luther King Jr said "The law can't make white people like me but it can stop them from lynching me."

This is why Christians who are involved in the public arena must be willing to single out abortion - it is the only one where the people and its government are tacitly complicit in the killing of its own people.

Frankly, if Christians don't think the killing of unborn children merits even a mention in an interview, then they not only misunderstand the moral gravity of the situation but they have failed to live up to their mandate of loving their neighbour as themselves.

Our response as Christians must be different to abortion because the political and social forces and the solution to it, is different than the other issues mentioned. Our response must be different because if Christians cannot show Christ's love to the unborn, who will?

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