Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Equip Yourself to Defend Life on Campus [Scott]

Note: Due to a technical glitch that kept superimposing another video over this one, I had to repost this from yesterday.

Equipping was the subject of my 39 minute address to the Students for Life of America National Conference (Washington D.C., January 23, 2011). The outline is below.


SFLA 2011 Scott Klusendorf from Alliance Defense Fund on Vimeo.

Title: "Equipped to Engage: Making the Case for Life on Hostile Turf."

Topic is significant, because many pro-life students feel they've been dropped into a campus environment where they are out gunned and in way over their heads, where they lack the weapons to engage the arguments arrayed against pro-life views both from foes and from those who claim to be on our side!

Thesis: We engage by making a clear and persuasive case for life. We do that 4 ways:

1) We engage by clarifying the nature of moral reasoning
2) We engage by clarifying the one question that really matters
3) We engage by clarifying the case for life
4) We engage by clarifying objections

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  1. PZ Myers is no more a philosopher than Cher is a rocket scientist. Case in point: He once likened having lots of degrees to keeping training wheels on your bicycle for nine years.


    (a good case of pot meets kettle linked above).


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