Saturday, December 31, 2011

Predictions 2012 [Scott]

1. The pro-life movement will not be fully satisfied with the GOP nominee, but will recognize that its number one goal for the next eight years must be the defeat of the party that is sworn to uphold abortion.

2. President Obama will lose, unless the nominee is Ron Paul.

3. More pro-life Democrats will lose seats.

4. The pro-life student movement will grow two ways. First, it will grow numerically. Second, it will grow intellectually, moving from the mere study of apologetics to craving speech and debate training.

5. The "Friends for Life" camps will double in size this year.

6. The Dodgers will shock everyone by winning the National League West. The Angels, meanwhile, will barely finish above 500.

7. UCLA football will win 9 games in 2012 by including high school opponents and Jr. Colleges.

8. Romney-Santorum.

9. House--GOP +6; Senate GOP +4

10. Pro-life pregnancy centers will take a more active role reaching Catholic and Protestant high schools with abortion presentations--rather than merely focusing on abstinence talks.

1 comment:

  1. As a pro-life student, I am hoping, praying, and beginning to see number four taking shape. As a homeschool, high school speech and debate coach, I am hoping to see the reverse.


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