Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christian Leaders Then and Now [SK]

In the late 1800s, the Congo was subjected to some of the worst human rights violations imaginable under the direction of King Leopold II of Belgium. It was Christian missionaries led by Alice Harris who exposed this evil by photographing the victims, like that of Nsala of Wala looking at the severed remains of his 5-year old daughter--who was butchered by Leopold's insurgents. 

Gregg Cunningham makes an excellent point: "How ironic that the person responsible for the first use of horrifying photos in a campaign of social reform would be a Christian missionary depicting the severed hand and foot of a child who had been tortured to death."

Yet, when CBR and other pro-life groups display a horrifying photo depicting the severed hand and foot of a child who has been tortured to death through elective abortion, many Christian leaders emulate King Leopold and work to suppress the same life-saving image Alice Harris struggled to display."

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