Wednesday, March 12, 2014

History of the Pro-Life Movement Part 1 [SK]

Breakpoint has part 1 up now.


  1. Excellent read. Looking forward to part 2.

  2. Will you put something about what Ronald Reagan did when he was governor of Califnornia? Basically effectively turning California from a pro-life state into a pro-abortion state, and effectively paving the way for Roe vs. Wade.

    1. He made a big mistake, though he had not given the issue much thought before being asked to sign the bill (nor had anyone, as the abortion debate was new at the time). Furthermore, the bill only legalized abortion for the health of the mother. Of course, we know now that effectively means abortion on demand (look at the U.K, or the Doe v. Bolton decision), but Reagan didn't then. Paving the way for Roe v. Wade? Hardly. Roe had nothing to do with the state law in California.

      What's important is that Reagan later recanted his earlier decision, and became the most vehemently pro-life president since Roe.

      There's a good summary here:


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