Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bob and Jay Making Good Points [SK]

I'm way too busy to get involved in the political brawl between Bob and Jay, other than to say I'm glad to see some spirited, but graciously delivered, discussion on the topic. Seriously, I'm not sure you guys disagree all that much. As for me, they'll be no Rudy yardsigns at my house until the primaries end.

But should Rudy get the GOP nod, pro-lifers need to take a deep breath before sitting the election out. Consider that Hillary, with overwhelming support from a Democrat Congress (does anyone seriously doubt the Dems will have HUGE majorities in 09?), will likely force the American public into a nationalized health-care plan that includes funding for ESCR, cloning, and elective abortion. Even if she's only a one-termer, and I think she would be, I don't think we can easily undue nationalized health-care with a new pro-life president in 2012. We're stuck with tax-funded destruction of human life! (That's almost as bad as SCOTUS stacked against us.)

So, before saying NEVER to Rudy--even if the primary voters select him-- imagine the 09 State of the Union Address with Hillary beaming at the podium, Nancy Pelosi still seated in the Speaker's chair, and a cheering lefty Congress eager to fund the destruction of countless human lives. Rudy won't save all unborn humans, but he might save some. Thus, if I can't promote the good with my vote, I'll at least work to limit the evil insofar as possible.

Right now, I'm swamped with speaking duties that won't let up until November 17. Please don't take offense if I don't respond to comments before then. (Jay and Bob are doing just fine!) At that time, I'll also continue my blogging tour of Beckwith's Defending Life.


  1. Right on. We've got to get people thinking in terms of long-term strategy, instead of short-term protest that will end up cementing the maximum number of deaths of more unborn children. I'd like to see Frank weigh in on this, too.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. A commenter on another blog writes that Rudy will also fund ESCR, so what's the difference between him and Hillary?

    Here's one: Rudy may indeed support federal funding of ESCR, but that's a budget item that can be potentially reversed by a future pro-life prez. Meanwhile, Hillary's ESCR and abortion funding would be wrapped into a massive health-care package that cannot be undone without both a pro-life president AND a huge pro-life majority in Congress. Even then, it's hard to imagine any politician risking his career to dismantle it. Just think of the attack ads: "Senator Smith wants to take away your child's health-care so he can push his extremist religious views on you. Senator, is letting an uninsured child die something Jesus would do?"

    You get the picture. Once the helath-care deal is signed, we're stuck with it.


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