Thursday, April 2, 2009

LTI Podcast Episodes 8 and 9 [Serge]

Due to some computer issues, I did not provide a link for last week's LTI podcast episode 8. In that episode I interview Jojo Ruba from the Canadian Centre of Bioethical reform about the attempt to silence the pro-life message on university campuses in Canada. Jay also begins a new segment entitled "Common Sense Corner". You can download the podcast at this link (

Also, episode 9 is now available. I finish my interview with Jojo and respond to an editorial in the new England Journal of Medicine claiming that those with religious convictions regarding the intrinsic value of human beings should not practice in a field like women's medicine. You can download this episode at:

As always, you can subscribe to all the podcasts in Itunes via this link:

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  1. It's great to hear the story behind that youtube video that I watched a while back. It is frightening, though to think of the abuse of our basic freedoms that we seem to be encountering.

    I really liked Jay's piece on the unborn as property, I have never put it together, but we do look at everything through the eyes of a consumer - Build your own life! You deserve exactly what you want! Don't settle for anything less!

    I also liked how Rich deals with the conscience issue. I heard Rachel Maddow call it her 'Amish bus driver rule', or something to that effect. She basically said if the Amish think its wrong to ride in motorized cars, thats fine, but you can't be hired as a bus driver. Then she decided this would be analogous to a pro-life obstetrician or pharmacist. She of course completely ignores the fact that obstetrics and pharmacology comprise of other services other than those relating to abortion and contraceptives, and people have every right to pursue a career in providing those services! There are dentists that do fillings, but won't do amalgam fillings. Whether you agree with them or not, they have the right to abstain from procedures that their conscience tells them is wrong.

    What else is the government going to decide for us? If it already controls our conscience, what is left?

    I have to say it again; I have learned so much from these podcasts. My hat's off to you guys!


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