Thursday, January 4, 2007

Closing Your Eyes to the Truth [Serge]

In this post, pro-abortion choice activist Marcy Bloom decries the stigma associated with abortion. Unfortunately, sometimes one's ideology can become so sacrosanct that it causes us to avoid very basic facts. It's as if we close our eyes to the truth if it happens to challenge our preconceived notions. This is evident when Marcy describes abortion:

The organization strives to counter the destructive, sexist, and punitive message of religious fundamentalists that abortion is killing and that having one will send a woman straight to hell.
What exactly is abortion if it is not killing? Regardless of where one stands on the ideological spectrum regarding the morality of the abortion act, abortion kills something. Isn't the fetus alive at the start of the procedure, and dead at the end?

How is calling abortion what it really is destructive, sexist, and punitive? Should we all pretend that we exist in the ideologically effected mind of an abortion choice activist where all women can have abortions without "killing" being part of the procedure? How ironic that the name of the blog where this was posted was "RH Reality Check"!


  1. Bloom also says, "Even after 33 years of Roe vs. Wade, the acceptance of abortion as a moral good for women and society still eludes us."

    So much for safe, legal and rare, huh? Bloom thinks unplanned pregnancies should be rare but not abortion.

    I think Bloom is someone we need to give a megaphone to.

  2. I have found some evidence that proves that a fetus is a living human being.......

    The Unborn Victims of Violence Act is a United States law which defines violent assault committed against pregnant women as being a crime against two persons: the woman and the fetus she carries.

    This law was passed in 2004 after the murder of the then pregnant Laci Peterson and her fetus, Connor Peterson.


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