Thursday, January 11, 2007

Greg Koukl on ESCR [SK]

From his Townhall piece:

If abortion itself is morally acceptable—if it’s legitimate to destroy fully-formed human children right up to the point of birth (and even during delivery, in the case of partial-birth abortion)—why would anyone flinch at the idea of carving up a week-old embryo? Why the compulsion to defend destroying a lump of cells the size of a pinhead for medical benefit when it’s completely legal and acceptable to destroy a fully-formed human fetus for any reason what so ever?

Equally incomprehensible to me, a stunning number of pro-lifers have rallied in support of ESCR for the very same reasons pro-choicers classically have justified abortion: It doesn’t look human; it’s in the wrong location (a petri dish, not a uterus); it’s too small to be of moral consequence; it’s alive, but not a life; it’s human, but not a human being; it’s a human being, but not a person; others will gain tremendous benefit.

When pro-lifers embrace a pro-choice rationale in support of ESCR, they undermine their entire moral enterprise.
Senator Hatch, read this column!

PS--Because pro-ESCR types love to play the tolerance card, you should also see Greg's Townhall piece on The Intolerance of Tolerance.

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