Thursday, January 18, 2007

Look Who's Advocating Illegal Abortions [Serge]

Pro-abortion choice groups often claim that restricting abortion would make illegal, unsafe abortions more common. For this reason you would think that if abortion were ever made illegal, they would strongly recommend that women do not have abortions. After all, if illegal abortions are unsafe, and the concern is for women's safety, then you can imagine huge campaigns to warn pregnant mothers not to abort their children.

Instead, you have this. This article int he American Prospect describe that women's groups are trying very hard to find another use for RU-486 other than causing an abortion. They are very open and brazen about the prospect:

Although only about 10 percent of the 1.29 million abortions performed in the United States every year use the medication method, the battle over the drug has been particularly bitter. While a woman must obtain mifepristone at a clinic, the actual abortion happens in the privacy of her home. Currently, medication abortion is common in many countries where the procedure is illegal, because it’s decidedly less risky than using a wire hanger. In fact, in the absence of a doctor, it’s the safest and easiest way for a woman to perform a do-it-yourself abortion. Which is another reason why pro-choice groups would like it approved for alternate uses and see its availability increase. If abortion were ever outlawed in the United States, mifepristone would become perhaps the most important -- and the most common -- abortion option.
In other words we should try to find another use for this drug so that it would become more available in case abortion ever becomes illegal.


At one point in time, RU-486 has great promise for pro-abortion choice activists. They believed it would allow family practice physicians and even PAs the ability to cause abortions. This would avoid the need for abortion clinics and limit the potential for any stigma to be associated with the procedure.

Unfortunately for them, it turns out that ending the life of a human being is just not that simple, both medically and emotionally. Anyone who has a medical abortion may experience significant bleeding, which is why any physician who gives this medication must have the ability and surgical privileges to treat this complication. This rules out most family practice docs.

Now they are trying to find other uses for this drug in order to ensure its availability for illegal abortions. They are placing their ideology over the health and safety of women.

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  1. This is so scary to me. Some of our clients have taken this drug and have told us horror stories about the amount of cramps and bleeding they experienced. MANY women either over or underestimate how far along they are so I can only imagine the nightmares that could happen when women who are further along than 9 weeks take this thinking they are going to have an "easy" abortion.


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