Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Driving Guilt Free on the Cheap [Serge]

I have been in a bit of a dilemma recently. I live in Michigan, where a four wheel drive vehicle is almost a necessity in the winter, especially when making the 30 minute trip to my satellite office. However, the old Mountaineer that I had been abusing is no longer big enough to carry my entire family. We also recently invested in a family camper, which needs a big vehicle to tow.

My solution was to buy a Ford Expedition. Although I was prepared to swallow hard and take the financial hit at the gas pump, I was racked with guilt regarding the increased carbon footprint that my family and I would have. First, we were blessed to have four carbon producing offspring that according to this report will wreak havoc on the planet. Now we are increasing our carbon output by driving a truck that can carry them all (although that V8 engine accelerates like a dream! oh, sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned that).

I have found the solution! I have obtained a large number of carbon offsets through this site. I have the certificates to show that I can now ride guilt free understanding that my excessive CO2 production will be offset by some other poor soul, in the form of trees, or something. Granted, it's not like I own a 28,000 sq. foot house or have an electric bill that is 20 times the national average, but I still wish to do my part.


  1. In the name of good taste, I am seeing to it that your carbon credits become useless via this site.

  2. Guilt... Returning... Must fight...

    Oh, wait a minute, that's not guilt - just the ill feeling left from filling up my 28 gallon tank at lunch time. I'd better print me off some more credits to shore up my green credentials before its too late!

  3. Here, this one is even funnier:



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