Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Planned Parenthood Cares Deeply about California Law [Serge]

Not the law which compels health care workers to report evidence of statutory rape. In fact, this video report by an 18 year old girl reveals a PP worker telling a patient who stated she was 15 to lie about her age in order to have an abortion so she could continue her relationship with a 23 year old.

Planned Parenthood: "If you're 15, we have to report it. If you're not, if you're older than that, then we don't need to."

15-year-old: "Okay, but if I just say I'm not 15, then it's different? So I could just say…"

Planned Parenthood: "You could say 16."

15-year-old: "I could say 16?"

Planned Parenthood: "Yes."

15-year-old: "Okay, yeah. So I would just write 16?"

Planned Parenthood: "Well, just figure out a birth date that works. And I don't know anything."

No, PP has threatened this whistle-blower with legal action for, of all things, violating California laws about invasion of privacy. Their attempt to intimidate this young woman for exposing the truth is vile, disgusting, and a clear indication of their contempt for the truth. Thankfully, it appears that the media exposure that this report will receive will continue to expose them for what they really are.

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  1. video of visit to planned parenthood!



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