Thursday, May 10, 2007

Equip Yourself to Defend Life [SK]

Want to make a case for Life?

Steve Peroutka, Chairman of The National Pro-Life Action Center, interviews me about that question in this video clip.

Here's an edited description of the interview:

Scott states: “We live in a culture today where people think that religious and moral truth claims don’t count as real knowledge. Therefore, when a Pro-Lifer says “Hey, I think elective abortion is wrong because it takes the life of a defensless human being,” our secular critics hear “Hey, he doesn’t like chocalate ice cream, but I happen to like it. Who is he to impose his preference on me?” In other words, they mistakenly think that we’re talking about something we like or dislike rather than something we believe is right or wrong in an objective moral sense. So our job is to clarify the moral logic of the Pro-Life view.”

Note: Scroll down for the video player. To save it to your hard drive, right click on the video screen and select "save target as."

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