Thursday, May 17, 2007

GOP Base Betrayed, Again [SK]

That's how Kate O'Beirne described the new immigration deal, which grants amnesty to lawbreakers:

I just talked with a veteran conservative activist whose group doesn't engage on the immigration issue but who is glum about the expected reaction of the conservative grassroots to the immigration deal. "We'll all be hurt. They'll just stay home," he predicted. "They'll figure they didn't support Republicans in order to federalize education, create a big, new entitlement programs, and grant amnesty to illegals."
Kathryn Jean Lopez is already getting email confirming this sentiment:

Death Ride of the Republican soon as I email this, I'm figuring how to change my California voter registration over to independent. I'm done....

If the current bill passes, I can assure you that hordes of Republican supporters (like me) will not support the nominee in 2008. Say hello to President Hillary.
All the GOP needs to do now is cave on funding destructive research on human embryos and the demolition of the party will be complete.

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