Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tiller's "clinic" flooded [Jay]

George Tillers “clinic” was vandalized. The vandals trespassed onto the property, drilled holes in the building, ran a hose to the roof and flooded the place. Is this civil disobedience? I believe Tiller is closed down today, no one was hurt, and the action did not represent a threat to surrounding establishments as fires and bombs do. I know it is vandalism, as I know the perpetrators, if caught, ought to be punished. The core principle of civil disobedience is the willingness to face punishment by violating or opposing unjust laws. I will post more on this later, but here is the link to the local news. Take it for what is worth.


  1. Jay,
    It is NEVER appropriate to use vandalism to make one's point. I will never support this kind of action. But, one may also want to consider some other possibilities in this case. I read a press release today on that subject. The following is from a press release issued today by Kansas Coalition for

    "In the event that the water damage from this incident of “vandalism” damaged any files from the years: 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, which almost certainly contain information that would prove Tiller guilty of felony activity; then it would be wise for the Wichita Police to look closely at the possibility that this was an incident orchestrated by the abortion business itself as a means of destroying incriminating evidence.

    Note that Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison recently charged Tiller with 19 misdemeanor counts of illegal activity based on Tiller’s 2003 records ONLY.

    It is likely that Tiller’s 2004 thru 2007 records also contain the same type of evidence that Morrison used to bring forth the 19 misdemeanor charges. However, any charges resulting from information in the 2004 thru 2007 files would be chargeable as a felony.

    Therefore, if there is any damage to files or records, the Wichita Police should make every effort to preserve the files, and to NOT allow the files to be thrown out on the basis of water-damage."

    Certainly, we should never make accusations without evidence. ( not that KCFL is) This is something else I feel is wrong. But, I'd say that it is not outside the realm of possibility, and merits some consideration. Lori V.

  2. Of course we await more information, but your speculation is certainly interesting Lori. I'm not exactly an expert in building security, but I find it interesting that this "highly secured" building was able to be hit in this way. We'll see.


  3. Serge/Lori,

    If Tiller did throw away the files we would have to assume that he would also shred them. Otherwise putting them in the trash is releasing them to the public. I am pretty certain all of the files would be protected from destruction in any event based on the pending litigation.

    The security measures are a bit overstated. The locked fence is only guarding the parking lot and 2 sides of the building appear street accessible from the TV Broadcast. That means circumventing the security required a mask to hide your face from the camera and a ladder. Not terribly sophisticated equipment. As the vandals drilled a hole through the outside, there was no need to by pass the majority of the security measures.

    I am not saying I think Tiller is innocent or guilty, although my experience with people like him is that he arrogantly assumes that he has nothing to hide. He does not think what he is doing is wrong, he can provide medical justification (in the broadest definition of the term), and the Federal law is on his side.

  4. Jay,
    Good point, not an angle I had considered. Lori


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